14 Apr 2015

Red & Yellow Catkins

Red hazel catkins
Whilst waiting for some more of my auriculas to come into bloom, I often go out into the garden and enjoy some of the other plant s that are making a show.
Yellow hazel catkins

11 Apr 2015


Merlin, a double stripe is one of the very few auriculas I have in bloom just now; but many are in bud and hopefully I will have a good display in the next few weeks.

9 Apr 2015

Early morning call from the Cranes

The Cranes in the neighbouring field awaken us with their early morning screeching.

6 Apr 2015

On the Roe deers menu, tulips and 'blåsippa' but not auriculas

The twins

The Roe deer are still feasting on the tulips and it also appears that they have eaten all our ‘Blåsippa’ (hepatica), we had a very nice display at the back of the house, but the young twins seem to have eaten the lot. The twins were in the back garden whilst mum was in the front garden eating tulips; dad is a bit shyer and stays mainly in the fields. One good thing about auriculas is that neither the deer or the hares eat them.
Whats left of the 'Blåsippa'

Trimmed tulips
Untouched auriculas in open border

2 Apr 2015

Roe deer, Tulips for breakfast

The four resident Roe deer are being a bit of a nuisance at the moment, the first tulips are just beginning to show themselves and the deer have taken to eating them for breakfast. So every morning we have to open the window and politely ask them to go somewhere else.

30 Mar 2015

Anna in the snow

Anna one of my own green edged fancies is always one of the first to come into bloom. She is very hardy and has a very strong scent. 
I've been cleaning and checking my auriculas which I will have for sale later in April, the snow has delayed things a little, but I should have around 150 different named varities of auriculas for sale by the middle of April.
Auriculas cleaned and checked

25 Mar 2015


Berit is one of the first of my auriculas to start blooming today.