22 Aug 2015

Blooming today

 A few of my auriculas are now in bloom for a second time.

Border auricula

Border auricula

11 Aug 2015

A good year for Auricula divisions

This year I have been able to obtain far more divisions/offsets from my mother-plants than in other years, the only problem now is that I have over 4000 auriculas to find space for.

11 Jul 2015

Blooming today

Asbeau is one of the few auriculas in my collection that blooms all summer, it helps to remove the old trusses before they turn to seed.

26 Jun 2015

Pipranka - Dutchmans Pipe

My Dutchmans Pipe / Pipranka which I have grown from seed, has finally bloomed after 10 years.

23 Jun 2015

Blooming today

Don Carlos
A selction of some of my auriculas blooming today.
Forest Duet
Miss Bluey
Regency St Clements

21 Jun 2015

Gunnel still blooming

Gunnel an auricula I named after Gunnel Carlson is still producing new blooms.