31 Dec 2012

Long Tailed Tits – Aegithanlos caudatus

A small group of Long Tailed Tits visited the bird feeder yesterday. These are the Scandinavian ones which have the white head; those in my homeland England have a much darker head.

29 Dec 2012



Frosty is a fancy auricula which I obtained from England and does extremely well in Sweden. (Raised by Tim Coop, 1990)
You can read more about Fancy auriculas on Sweden’s Auricula Club.

27 Dec 2012

Theatres in the snow.

Auricula Theatres

We’ve had good deal of snow over the last few days; I’ve been out with the snow blower most days trying to keep our small road clear. The temperature has increased to around zero, so the snow has become very wet and heavy. This means that I must scrape the snow from my theatres, cold frames & greenhouse roof; all of which were feeling the extra weight on their plastic roofs or covers.
Auricula frames.

Auricula fames.

Greenhouse & Auricula frames.

25 Dec 2012

Wishing You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

I would like to wish you all a
 Very Merry Christmas & A Happy and Prosperous New Year

22 Dec 2012


Ray's grey edge MATILDA
MATILDA is a grey edged auricula which is hardy in Sweden. I have raised this hardy grey edge from a Maggie x Jorvic cross, two of the few edged auriculas I obtained from England that have done well for me in Sweden.

More information on Edges can be read on Sweden’s Auricula Club.

20 Dec 2012


Ray's fancy JOHAN
JOHAN is an unusual Swedish fancy auricula; it came from a ‘Osbourne Green’ x ‘Starling’ cross, it has fine dusting of farina on the petals, but very little on the leaves.

17 Dec 2012


Ray's double KRISTINA
KRISTINA has what I would call an ‘icing sugar pink’ colour to her petals, she has her pips (flower heads) supported on as strong stem. She also has a fine scent, but she is slow to produce offsets.