31 Mar 2012

Örebro Trädgårdsförening at Din Trädgård Mässsan.

For the last two days I’ve been helping out on Örebro Trädgårdsförening’s  stand at Din Trädgård in Örebro. I had a fantastic two days meeting not only fellow members of the förening but also so many plant & garden interested visitors. I took with me just a few of my auriculas that were blooming & had a tremendous interest in them; I don’t know how many sniffed & admired BIRGITTA. I also had the pleasure of meeting Gunnel Carlson and what a pleasant person she is, well deserving her good reputation. In all a very enjoyable two days.

29 Mar 2012

BIRGITTA a beautiful perfumed lady.

BIRGITTA 29 March 2012

BIRGITTA is a lovely double auricula, highly scented, a good head of pips (flower heads) on a strong stem, a light coating of farina & blooms early in the year. BIRGITTA is a Dark Eyes x Fred Booley cross.
BIRGITTA 29 March 2012

28 Mar 2012

ANNA one of my first crosses

ANNA 28 March 2012

ANNA has a very fine scent, strong stems, blooms early & is very hardy. She also freely produces offsets. I would recommend ANNA as a good beginner’s plant.
ANNA 28 March 2012

27 Mar 2012

An early display in one of my theatres.

A display of some of the auriculas I have forced into early blooming for The Garden Show. The problem I have in forcing them is that the flower stems become longer than normal and sometimes require support. From top left to bottom right they are Ancient Society, Maggie, Blue Chip, Green Isle, BIRGITTA, GERDA, ANNA & MONIKA

26 Mar 2012

Örebro's trädgårdsförening at the Örebro Trädgårdsmässan 30 March- 1 April

EMMA one of my double crosses.

I’m a member of Orebro’s Trädgårdsförening and will be helping out on their stand at The Örebro Trädgårdsmässan on Friday 29th March and on Saturday 30th (only till 2pm on Saturday). I will have with me a few of my auriculas that are currently in bloom to show and answer any questions visitors may have concerning auriculas.  Looking forward to the show and meeting fellow members of the förening.

25 Mar 2012

‘Lord Saye en Sele’

Lord Saye en Sele 25 March 2012

Lord Saye en Sele, a stripe, is blooming today. The blooms are rather faint at first but darken after a few days and the stripes become more visible.
Listed at No. 51 in the Kilruddery Collection of Irish Auriculas dated 1731-1736 a Lord Say & Seal is mentioned, but there appears to be no connection to todays plant. Also on the list at No.38 is ‘King of Sweden’, but there is no record of how this Auricula looked. Many of these old plants have disappeared over the years. 
Bloom just after opening.
Bloom that has been open for a few days.

24 Mar 2012

Catkins & Cobnuts

Hazel Corylus maxima 'purpurea'

The hazels catkins are now open and releasing pollen; they do produce a few hazelnuts each year but the one year when there was a very good crop they were taken by a squirrel. This did have a small plus side as it buried many of them in the garden and over the past few years small hazels have popped up here & there, both purple & green leaved.
Corylus maxima 'Kentish Cob'
Corkscrew Hazel  Corylus avellana 'contorta'
Purple hazel nut
Cold frame Albert Bailey to Charles Bronson
Still cleaning & checking my cold frames that contain last years offsets the one above holds Albert Bailey to Charles Bronson. They are now showing signs of good growth and many have flower buds forming, they will be ready for sale & dispatch from the middle of April.