28 Mar 2012

ANNA one of my first crosses

ANNA 28 March 2012

ANNA has a very fine scent, strong stems, blooms early & is very hardy. She also freely produces offsets. I would recommend ANNA as a good beginner’s plant.
ANNA 28 March 2012


  1. Selger du frø også? eller bare planter? Ønsker meg veeeldig 'emma' 'ulrika' 'barbro' og 'eva' er de til salgs? Kanskje jeg må supplere min ordre...

    1. Hej Linda
      I'm sorry but I do not sell seed, ULRIKA,BARBRO & EVA are not for sale yet, they are new plants & I will not have enough offsets for sale until 2013 or 2014
      I do have a waiting list for these plants, do you wish to be added onto the lists?
      best wishes /Ray