16 Mar 2012

Cleaning Fiddlers Green

Fiddlers Green

I’m slowly working my way through my cold frames, cleaning and checking the offsets (divisions) I took last year. I have 7 cold frames holding approximately 2200 offsets & a further 800 in the greenhouse. These are all offsets taken from my 700 or so mother plants, some produce many offsets i.e. Tosca five to seven offsets, but others like Dark Eyes only produce one or two offsets for each mother plant per year. I normaly keep two or three mother plants for each different auricula I have.
Fiddlers Green offset before cleaning

Offset cleaned fom old leaves etc.
Root system checked for pests & diseases.
After being cleaned & checked the offset is replaced in its pot, if dry it is watered a little and top dressed. Top dressing is removing a little of the surface soil and replacing it with fresh soil.


  1. Så fina plantorna blir efter lite putsning.Snart kommer belöningen i form av vackra blommor.MVH

  2. I am new to these little treasures ,just have a small collection but simly adore them

  3. Yes they can become addictive,good luck with your collection.
    best wishes Ray