27 Mar 2012

An early display in one of my theatres.

A display of some of the auriculas I have forced into early blooming for The Garden Show. The problem I have in forcing them is that the flower stems become longer than normal and sometimes require support. From top left to bottom right they are Ancient Society, Maggie, Blue Chip, Green Isle, BIRGITTA, GERDA, ANNA & MONIKA


  1. Det hadde vært gøy å prøve å så litt selv også... mon om du selger frø også?

    1. Hej Linda
      Unfortunatly I do not have any surplus seed this year,next year I might see if I can organise some form of seed exchange scheme. I'm also hoping someone will also be interested in helping to organise a Swedish Primula Auricula Society, there does appear to be some interest in this idea but I must admit I've no idea how these plant societies are run in Sweden
      Best wishes / Ray

  2. Åh suck vad jag blir frestad...

  3. Ska försöka få till bra hyllor för mina ute i sommar.Det ser så trevligt ut.MVH