23 Mar 2012

HEM..TRÄDGÅRDEN - Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård

Minley in bloom 23 March 2012

A very nice article has been written in issue 2 -2012 of HEM..TRÄDGÅRDEN (RiksförbundetSvensk Trädgård) by Stella Westerlund concerning my auriculas. I do hope others find it interesting and come to share my enthusiasm for auriculas, perhaps if there is enough interest amongst the primula & auricula enthusiasts in Sweden a Swedish Primula & Auricula Society could be formed. 
MONA a gold centred alpine in bloom 23 march 2012
MONA a gold centred alpine in bloom 23 march 2012
 MONA is one of my own crosses, when choosing parents I not only select those that do well in Sweden but also try to hybridize plants that have strong stems that can support a full truss wihout support. A truss is a full head of pips, a pip is an individual flower head. See my website for more details on auricula terminolgy. www.raysperennials.se 


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