25 Mar 2012

‘Lord Saye en Sele’

Lord Saye en Sele 25 March 2012

Lord Saye en Sele, a stripe, is blooming today. The blooms are rather faint at first but darken after a few days and the stripes become more visible.
Listed at No. 51 in the Kilruddery Collection of Irish Auriculas dated 1731-1736 a Lord Say & Seal is mentioned, but there appears to be no connection to todays plant. Also on the list at No.38 is ‘King of Sweden’, but there is no record of how this Auricula looked. Many of these old plants have disappeared over the years. 
Bloom just after opening.
Bloom that has been open for a few days.


  1. Vilken underbart vacker Aurikel.
    Fantastiska färger!

    Önskar dig en härlig söndag!

  2. Hej!
    Vad kul att hitta din blogg.
    Underbara blommor.
    Ha en bra dag!!!!