22 Mar 2012

Only 21 days to go.

Green Isle 22 March 2012

The Nordic Garden Show is getting nearer now and I’m busy putting the last bits together for my Idéträdgård. I find I don’t have enough hours in the day with not only the normal tasks of looking after all my auriculas but also with all the preparation I need to do for the show, I’m beginning to feel my age!!!!!!!!, but must admit I’m enjoying the challenge.
Green Isle 22 March 2012

Green Isle is now blooming, the green part of the flower is made up of leaf material and not normal petals, this mutation was first reported circa 1750. 
I’m receiving a bit of interest from various magazines and newspapers, hopefully this will increase the interest in Auriculas. 
Photo & Text Ann-Louise Larsson, ENTREPRENADAKUELLT


  1. Åh så många fina du har!!
    Man får ett ha begär när man ser sådana skönheter...

    1. Hej Mariana
      Welcome to my blog, auriculas can become addictive
      Best wishes/ Ray

  2. Den har jag. Köpt hos dig.Mycket fin.