18 Mar 2012

Spring is here; the Cranes have arrived

Common Crane (Trana)

Awoke this morning to the sounds of the Cranes (Trana), when they appear we know spring is here. They have been coming here now for several years, living in the field next to our house, sometimes they are joined by Whooper Swans (Sångsvan) & Canadian Geese.. For an Englishman it’s fantastic to have such beautiful birds & Roe Deer so close to one’s home. 
Dancing Cranes (Trana)
A family of Roe Deer
The Roe Deer have never been a real problem in our garden, they do snip some bushes but no serious damage is done. They have never eaten our tulips which I've been told is one of their favorite foods. Hares on the other hand have killed several small trees by eating the bark. We also have a badger (grävling)  that lives in an old cold cellar at the back of the house, this digs up the odd border now and then but nothing to worry about, I soon replant it, you expect these things when you live in the country.


  1. Fåglarna är vackra,men rådjuren klarar jag mig utan.Det är en ständig kamp för att hålla dom borta från trädgården.Annars äter de upp vårblommorna.MVH

  2. Vad härligt!Vi har oxå ett tranpar som kommer varje vår till ett fält i närheten.De hörs när man är i trädgården.
    Vi brukar gå dit o titta när vi hört dem första gången men än så länge har de inte kommit.