29 Apr 2012

Two new plants in my collection.

Hinton Fields  a fancy auricula 29 April 2012

Four years ago I obtained ‘ Hinton Fields’ a fancy Auricula from England, it has taken some time to acclimatise to its new home in Sweden & has now bloomed for the past two years. I was able to get some offsets from the mother plants last year & now have a limited number for sale. (Only 4 available just now, see my Swedish website for price & how to order, www.raysperennials.se ) I shall also be using Hinton Fields in my hybridizing scheme.
Another new fancy I obtained this year from Germany is ‘Sollero’, it looks a bit weak just now & I will test it to see if it likes to live in Sweden, I will let you know how it gets on.
Sollero a fancy auricula 29 April 2012

28 Apr 2012

New stripe seedling.

Stripe seedling 28 April 2012

A new stripe seedling, as yet unnamed, this has come from a Mazetta Stripe x Osbourne Green cross.
Stripe seedling 28 April 2012

27 Apr 2012

Some different Auricula displays.

North facing Auricula Theatre 27th April

Here are a few of the different ways in which I display my Auriculas, I hope it will inspire others to devise their own displays.
East facing Auricula Theatre 27 April 2012

Shaded South facing shelf display 27 April 2012

East facing shelf display 27 April 2012

East facing small theatre 27 April 2012

North facing shelf display 27 April 2012

West facing small theatre 27 April 2012
Side view north facing theatre.

'Blue Jean' in east facing theatre 27 April 2012

25 Apr 2012

LEIF a new Alpine Auricula

LEIF is a new Light Centred Alpine I have been trailling for the past two years; it’s a good hardy plant. LEIF comes from a Nikity x Brendas Choice cross.

24 Apr 2012

One of our local visitors.

Roe Deer

We have several Roe Deer that visit the fields next to our garden, but so far they have never caused any problem in the garden.
Some of my Auriculas on thier way to new homes.
Some of the auriculas that I have sent out to new homes this week, I’m sending out around 120 auriculas a day. So if you have ordered from me and received a posting date you should receive them soon.

22 Apr 2012

New Border Auricula seedlings - Trädgårdsaurikel

New border auricula seedling.

These seedlings were crossed in 2010 and sown in February 2011.  I ‘m trying to create some darker Border Auriculas and these show some promise, I will trial them for next two years to test their hardiness in Sweden & consistency in blooming.
Each pot contains circa 10 plants, I will divide them and those that are in flower will be given a reference number to so that I can refer back to the photos & check how the blooms perform over the next two years.
Some seedlings bloom the first year after sowing, others can take two to three years. Some of my edge & double crosses have still not bloomed after three years, it’s just to be patient, many of my best crosses have taken the longest time to bloom.
Border auricula seedlings.

21 Apr 2012

Named Border Auriculas - Trädgårdsaurikel med namn

Dales Red - Border Auricula

Some of the borders are given names; normally these are the ones that stand out from the other borders, better quality or unusual blooms. They are just as easy to grow as their counterparts and equally very hardy. All these are excellent beginner’s plants.
Country Park Red - Border Auricula
Old Irish Green - Border Auricula
Osbourne Green - Border Auricula
Starling - Border Auricula
IDA - Border Auricula
EMIL- Border Auricula
ULRIKA - Border Auricula
VILMA - Border Auricula

20 Apr 2012

Minley in one of my Auricula borders.

Minley in bud 19th April 2012

I have many of my auriculas growing in borders in my garden; they do very well there despite winter temperatures of below minus 20°C. The important thing is to have very well drained soil; I mix in 15% to 20% perlite with ordinary planting soil (5 bags for 100 SEK), an upraised bed is even better. My borders are placed in sun to half shade; those placed in cool half shade bloom the longest. All those I grow in pots are placed in half shade to full shade, this is to avoid the roots being cooked in the pots and also again they bloom for a longer period.
I personally prefer to grow them in pots so I can get up close to them; it’s easier to admire their beautiful flowers and smell their delightful scent.
4 x Osbourne Greens in border 19th April 2012

18 Apr 2012

Border Auriculas - Trädgårdsaurikel

Many people frown upon the border Auricula as being the poor relation to the shows & fancies, but I think some of them can be just as attractive and are very easy to grow.
These extra hardy border auriculas (trädgårdsaurikel) can also produce some very fine scented flowers. This is just a small selection that I forced into early blooming for the garden show, the variation of colours and form is enormous. These I grow mainly from open pollinated seed, but I do list some on my website www.raysperennials.se listed as RP numbers as I very often  receive requests for specific plants and I keep a small range of these that I’ve divided from the mother plants.

16 Apr 2012

Last day at the Nordic Garden Show

Fellow Auricula lovers admiring BENGT

I’ve met so many interesting people at the show, not only from Sweden but also from Norway, Finland, Denmark & Germany. It’s been a very enjoyable 4 days and I do hope all the contacts, bloggers & Auricula lovers continue to keep in contact.
I’m know home and will now start sending out all the orders, now I’ve met many of those that have ordered my auriculas I now know that they will be going to good homes & will be appreciated and loved.
I would like to thank all the visitors to my Auricula display garden & those involved in helping me to be at the show, in particular Stella Westerlund for such a pleasant article in the, Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård ´Hem Trädgård´.

14 Apr 2012

Third day at the Nordic Garden Show

Another pleasant day at the show, I have now met so many interesting people that the day just flashes past.
Again I would like to thank all those that found time to talk to me.
Tage Andersen

13 Apr 2012

Second day at the Nordic Garden Show

Ancient Society

Another very busy day, I’ve met so many interesting & pleasant people today. It’s really nice to have a chat to so friendly & Auricula interested gardeners. So many bloggers also came & said hello, the day went ever so quick meeting you all.
I would like to thank all those that came & spoke to me; it’s made all the effort very worthwhile.

12 Apr 2012

First day at the Nordic Garden Show

Ye olde auricula grower with hat & watering can.

It’s been an extremely busy day here today, lots of interest in my auriculas & Auricula growing. I met many visitors who are now getting a keen interest in growing and collecting auriculas. It's been a pleasure talking to so many people from all over Sweden, including some fellow bloggers.  I'm afraid some of them were disappointed by the fact that they could not buy plants from me direct from the stand, but they were still keen to order over the internet. It’s very warm here so some of the auriculas are already starting to bloom over & I will have to replace them with some reserves.
A very tiring but enjoyable day.

11 Apr 2012

My Auricula Idéträdgård is now ready.

After two days of hard work my Auricula Garden is now ready for its debut. I hope the visitors will be interested in it and spend some time to chat to me.
Hope to see you there.

9 Apr 2012

On my way – The Nordic Garden Show 12th to 15th April

The car is packed with plants and the trailer with my theatres & other parts of my Idéträdgård. I’m pulling quite a lot of weight (those clay pots are very heavy) so it will be a long slow drive tomorrow to Stockholm. Hope the little Fabia makes it.
If you’re visiting the Garden Show I do hope you have time to come and say hello.

6 Apr 2012

Happy Easter in the Snow

The snow has covered my cold frames & greenhouse today making it a little more difficult to make my final selection of auriculas to take to The Nordic Garden Show. But hopefully I will have enough to make a good display.
Wishing you all a Happy Easter
An unamed seedling in the snow.