12 Apr 2012

First day at the Nordic Garden Show

Ye olde auricula grower with hat & watering can.

It’s been an extremely busy day here today, lots of interest in my auriculas & Auricula growing. I met many visitors who are now getting a keen interest in growing and collecting auriculas. It's been a pleasure talking to so many people from all over Sweden, including some fellow bloggers.  I'm afraid some of them were disappointed by the fact that they could not buy plants from me direct from the stand, but they were still keen to order over the internet. It’s very warm here so some of the auriculas are already starting to bloom over & I will have to replace them with some reserves.
A very tiring but enjoyable day.


  1. Ser såå fint ut!
    Vet ju redan att du inte säljer på mässan annars hade jag oxå blivit besviken...vinterförvaringen har gått hårt åt mina :-(
    Vi ses i morgon :-)
    KRAM från mig!

  2. MEN de kan ju se och förföras av dina fina Auriklar:)
    Ha en underbar dag!!

  3. Såg en glimt av din monter igår på Raport.Kommer att bli roligt att se den på söndag.MVH

  4. Your stand is beautiful Ray thank you for sharing the show.