20 Apr 2012

Minley in one of my Auricula borders.

Minley in bud 19th April 2012

I have many of my auriculas growing in borders in my garden; they do very well there despite winter temperatures of below minus 20°C. The important thing is to have very well drained soil; I mix in 15% to 20% perlite with ordinary planting soil (5 bags for 100 SEK), an upraised bed is even better. My borders are placed in sun to half shade; those placed in cool half shade bloom the longest. All those I grow in pots are placed in half shade to full shade, this is to avoid the roots being cooked in the pots and also again they bloom for a longer period.
I personally prefer to grow them in pots so I can get up close to them; it’s easier to admire their beautiful flowers and smell their delightful scent.
4 x Osbourne Greens in border 19th April 2012

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