22 Apr 2012

New Border Auricula seedlings - Trädgårdsaurikel

New border auricula seedling.

These seedlings were crossed in 2010 and sown in February 2011.  I ‘m trying to create some darker Border Auriculas and these show some promise, I will trial them for next two years to test their hardiness in Sweden & consistency in blooming.
Each pot contains circa 10 plants, I will divide them and those that are in flower will be given a reference number to so that I can refer back to the photos & check how the blooms perform over the next two years.
Some seedlings bloom the first year after sowing, others can take two to three years. Some of my edge & double crosses have still not bloomed after three years, it’s just to be patient, many of my best crosses have taken the longest time to bloom.
Border auricula seedlings.

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  1. Åh den var fin du :-) Får man ställa sig i kö redan nu ;-)
    Ska bli så roligt att få leveransen från dig!
    Jag har kollat över mina krukor så att jag har tillräckligt många i rätt storlek o diskat dem.
    Är alltså redo!
    KRAM från mig!