31 May 2012

More new auricula seedlings.

Seedling No. 16

Some more auricula seedlings from my 2008/09 crosses. The large green fancy (No. 16) looks promising.
Seedling No. 43

Seedling No. 44

30 May 2012

Himalayan May Apple, Crab Apples, Welsh Poppies & Old Man's Whiskers

Podophyllum hexandrum - flowers
Podophyllum hexandrum -fruit

Podophyllum hexandrum is also known as the Himalayan May Apple or Indian May Apple (fotblad på svenska), is a very pretty May flowering plant which is very poisonous, even the badger spits out the red fruits. It thrives in the moist part of the nature garden. 
Malus domestica 'Liset'

Malus domestica 'Liset' seedling
I have two crab apples Malus domestica ‘Liset’ in the garden, one of them is grafted onto P26 rootstock and should grow to about 2 metres, but this was ring barked one winter by the hares. I cut back the dead stem to just above the graft and it is now slowly growing back, although somewhat stunted. The other one is a seedling I found growing nearby some five years ago; it is already 2.5 metres tall, it will be interesting to see how tall it gets.
Meconopsis cambrica - Welsh poppy
The Welsh poppies are beginning to bloom today they self-seed and  spread naturally  in the dry east garden.
Geum triflorum - Old Man's Whiskers
Geum triflorum - Old Man's Whiskers

The Old Man’s Whiskers geum triflorum are also blooming now, the name refers to the seed head which resembles whiskers.

29 May 2012

New Auricula seedlings.

Seedling No. 36

Some more of the seedlings from the crosses I made in 2008/9 are now blooming.
Seedling No. 38

Seedling No. 39

Seedling No. 40 self

Seedling No. 41 - self

Seedling No.42 - grey edge, farina spoilt when I watered it.

28 May 2012

Nearly killed a friend!!!!!!!

Friend not foe.

Whilst wandering in the garden I noticed a red beetle on one of my lilies; AH a lily bug. I leapt into action to try and grab the little beast and squash it, at the last moment I realised it was a friend and not a foe. I must have my eyes checked!!!!
Coffee - fancy auricula

27 May 2012

May the force be with you – Starwars in bloom.


Starwars is a grey edged fancy; it tends to bloom a little later than other auriculas.

The hot weather means that I have to water the auriculas a little more often than usual; I give just enough water to keep them just moist. They also tend to bloom over much quicker than they would normally in these abnormally hot conditions, so I try to keep them in full shade in order to prolong the length of time that they bloom.
Fiddlers Green

Miss Bluey

26 May 2012

New Double Seedlings

Seedling No. 34

This is some of the new double Auricula seedlings I am trialling, they were sown in 2008/2009. Hopefully some them of will prove to be good plants.
Seedling No.32

Seedling No. 29

Seedling No 27

Seedling No. 30

Seedling No. 37

25 May 2012

Grumpy old man – too hot, too much nature!

I must admit I do not do well in the heat, it was plus 38°C in the green house at 11 am, so I retreated to under the old apple tree to repot some of last year’s offsets, it was only 26°C there. Whilst sitting there listening to the bees in the apple blossom the noise increased dramatically, I looked up to find two very large hornets (bålgeting) attacking the bees, at this point I did what any man would do I retired to the house. I do not like hornets they both look and sound nasty, sometimes nature becomes too much for me!!!!!!!!
Plus 38, too hot for me!
Wincha - self auricula

Trillium Grandiflorum

Trillium Erectum

24 May 2012

Örebro Trädgårdsförening; an evening of auriculas.

9 very pleasant ladies from Örebro Trädgårdsförening (garden society) came for an evening visit to learn a little more about auriculas. I gave a short talk giving a brief description on growing and collecting auriculas in Sweden. Hopefully they found my Auricula displays and talk interesting enough for them to become interested in growing auriculas.

Örebro Trädgårdsförening is a relatively new garden society which is very active and has many interesting events planned for the forthcoming year

23 May 2012

INGA-LILL & 22 other doubles.


Had a quick dash around with the camera today and snapped some of the doubles that are blooming today.

Have two separate groups coming to view my auriculas today, one of which is an evening visit from Örebro’s Trädgårdsförening, looking forward to meeting them again.








Blue Bonnet
Rose Conjou


Dark Eyes

Little Rosette



Miss Bluey
Fiddlers Green