30 May 2012

Himalayan May Apple, Crab Apples, Welsh Poppies & Old Man's Whiskers

Podophyllum hexandrum - flowers
Podophyllum hexandrum -fruit

Podophyllum hexandrum is also known as the Himalayan May Apple or Indian May Apple (fotblad på svenska), is a very pretty May flowering plant which is very poisonous, even the badger spits out the red fruits. It thrives in the moist part of the nature garden. 
Malus domestica 'Liset'

Malus domestica 'Liset' seedling
I have two crab apples Malus domestica ‘Liset’ in the garden, one of them is grafted onto P26 rootstock and should grow to about 2 metres, but this was ring barked one winter by the hares. I cut back the dead stem to just above the graft and it is now slowly growing back, although somewhat stunted. The other one is a seedling I found growing nearby some five years ago; it is already 2.5 metres tall, it will be interesting to see how tall it gets.
Meconopsis cambrica - Welsh poppy
The Welsh poppies are beginning to bloom today they self-seed and  spread naturally  in the dry east garden.
Geum triflorum - Old Man's Whiskers
Geum triflorum - Old Man's Whiskers

The Old Man’s Whiskers geum triflorum are also blooming now, the name refers to the seed head which resembles whiskers.

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