19 May 2012

Vingåkers Trädgårdsvänner, my first visitors by coach.

30 plus members of Vingåkers Trädgårdsvänner came by coach today to view my auriculas. My initial concerns about parking the coach were soon overcome; the driver negotiated the narrow gravel roads and very limited parking space admirably. The Trädgårdsvänner were in a jolly mood when I greeted them at my post box, bravely following me the 150 metres across the field to my house and auriculas.
We had good luck with the weather, it was mild and dry. Very soon the garden was full of very pleasant garden and Auricula interested visitors. The coffee, sponge roll and biscuits I provided were also well appreciated.
It was the first time I had such a large group visit my auriculas and I only hope I managed to speak to all those that wished to know a little more about my auriculas. I apologise if I missed any one.
The 1
½ hours soon went by and I had a most enjoyable time chatting not only about auriculas but also other aspects of gardening.
Many of the vänner went off with carrier bags full of auriculas and it will be interesting to hear how they get on in their new homes.
I would like to thank all of Vingåkers Trädgårdsvänner for being so friendly and making this Saturday morning so pleasant here in Ribbohyttan.
Best wishes


  1. Så trevligt de ser ut att ha!
    ps.3 av auriklerna jag beställde av dig blommar nu.Så fina så!Många fler är på gång.

  2. Hej Helena
    I'm always glad to hear that your auriculas are doing well & that they are blooming for you. It appears to be a good year for auriculas.
    Have a pleasant weekend.