11 Jun 2012

Columbines, Beetles and last but not least ‘Lingholm’.

Several years ago I raised many columbines from seed, these original plants have long since disappeared, but they self-seeded and their offspring can now be found all over the garden.

Some of the many insects that visit the garden, if anyone can name them please let me know.

Damsel Fly
 ‘Lingholm’ is a blue poppy that has larger but fewer flower heads than the normal blue poppy. It also tends to live a bit longer, this one has been here for 8 years now.


  1. Hello! I have been trying to identify that red and black beetle for years now. I was studying environmental science in southern France a few years ago and came upon it. I wasn't able to identify it in any of the books or online sources that I had. I wasn't even able to find photographs of it online. How fun to stumble across it here so many years later. If you ever discover the name, I would be excited to learn it.

  2. Hej Michelle
    I believe the beetles name in swedish is Riddarskinnbagge, Latin name Lygaeus equestris.
    thank you for taking the time to look at my blogg. It's always nice that readers show an interest and leave comments. Ray

  3. Hej Ray,

    I looked at some pictures online, but couldn't tell the difference between these two. I don't seem to remember the black with white dot on the back that these beetles have, but yours doesn't. It has been a few years though. When I visit my home, I will take a look at the sketches I made and let you know if there is any conclusive evidence either way.

    Thanks for your site, it's fun.