2 Jun 2012

Osbourne Green an excellent border Auricula.

Osbourne Green

Osbourne Green does very well in the border all year round; it tolerates the harshest of conditions and all ways blooms well. Ancient Society & Lee Paul also do well in the border.
Osbourne Green 19 April 2012
Osbourne Green 4 Feb. 2012
Ancient Society in the border.

Lee Paul in the border.


  1. Its such a pleasure seeing your many aricula photos Ray

    they are all so beautiful thankyou.

    Do you have a favourite?

    1. They are my favorites for various reasons, but if you pessed me I would have to say Favorite doubles, Katarina, Barbro,Birgitta, Inga-Lill. Border, Ida, Dales Red. Self. Sonja. Alpine Ancient Society. Stripe, Gerda,
      White/Grey edges Maj & Matilda, Green Edge Maria, Anna.
      The list could go on I love them all.
      Best wishes