29 Jul 2012



BRITT-MARIE is a fine semi double border auricula. 

MARGARETA is still blooming strongly.


23 Jul 2012

‘MARGARETA’ a strong Swedish auricula.


MARGARETA is one of my own crosses which I’m quite pleased with, she produces a good truss on a stout stem. In this picture she is blooming again after recently being divided; if all goes well there will be a few offsets available for sale in spring 2013.
Many of my auriculas bloom again after being divided, as can be seen by the following pictures.




20 Jul 2012

‘Brookfield’, all three together.


All three of my ‘Brookfield’ mother plants have decided to bloom just shortly after they have been divided.  

As from today I will have a selection of auriculas for sale at Hallagården in Lekhyttan. See Hallagårdens website  for opening times and other events which are held there, www.hallagarden.nu
3 x Brookfield

A fluffy 'Robin'

Red water lily.

16 Jul 2012

Sorry, I wasn’t there.

Hinton Fields

I would like to apologise for not being at Hallagården on Saturday 14th July. This was due to an unexpected health problem (detached retina).
Hopefully all will be well soon.

I would like to thank all those that did turn up at the weekend, I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to see you. 

 I am planning a new auricula weekend on the 18th & 19th August at Hallagården which I should be well enough to attend.

Hope to see you then.

8 Jul 2012

Asbeau – “remonterande auricula”

Asbeau flowering on 7th July 2012

Asbeau is an auricula I obtained from France; it has done extremely well here in Sweden. It is one of the few auriculas that blooms almost continually throughout the year; it also has the advantage of having a fine scent.. I have used Asbeau in some of my crosses to try and acquire this trait in some new auriculas.  

Don’t forget I will have a selection of auriculas for sale at Hallagården, Lekhyttan,Närke, next Saturday. See auricula events.
Asbeau 7th July 2012

3 Jul 2012

Ancient Society still blooming

 A small Ancient Society is still blooming, it’s one of the most reliable alpine auriculas.
The first water lily has begun to bloom, this a wild lily in the nature pond.

Iris germanica 'Aubade'