19 Aug 2012

Auriculas, Angora Rabbits & Crayfish at Hallagården

There was a keen interest in my Auriculas.

What super weekend it has been at Hallagården, I’ve met so many pleasant people to chat to. Some who are already keen auricula growers and also many who have discovered auriculas for the first time.

Both the weather and food were good which helped to make the weekend to be a very pleasant experience. It was not just auriculas on show but also Angora rabbits, historical displays and few crayfish.
Perhaps a future auricula collector.

Before the day starts, there were not so many left at the end.

Guests at Hallagården.

A quick trim.

The rabbits in there somewhere!

Agressive crayfish.

A bucketful of crayfish.

New security lock!

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  1. Hello...Jag tyckte MYCKET om dina blommor!!//Karina