29 Aug 2012

Solero & a new cold frame.

Solero 290812

Solero is a new auricula I obtained from Germany and I’m testing it to see how it does in Sweden. It has bloomed twice this year, but needs a good exposure to the sun to achieve its full colours. I will see how it does in the winter.
Solero 240412
New cold frame
I‘ve been constructing new cold frames to accommodate the new auricula divisions I have made this year. I have 10 cold frames now, each one holds approx. 300 plants, I use these to overwinter my new auricula divisions in. I first use weed suppressor and then on top of that a layer of gravel, the potted auricula divisions are then placed on the gravel. It’s important to keep the plants well drained and dry in the winter.

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