30 Sep 2012

From little acorns………

First acorns on the Oaks.

Some years ago we picked some acorns from the City Park in Örebro; these we planted and the resulting oak trees are nearly 8 metres tall and producing their own acorns.
Common Oak
Over 20 years ago we also collected some acorns from a Turkish Oak Quercus cerris in a park in Bexley Heath, London. We planted them in pots and brought one of them with us to Sweden, it’s found it hard going here in Sweden and is still only 140cm tall.
Turkish Oak

29 Sep 2012

Seedling No.29

Seedling no. 29

A new seedling for this year No. 29 has bloomed again in the autumn; they’re not as good as the previous blooms on the 25th May, but the deep mustard coloured blooms are none the less attractive.
Seedling No.29 25th May

28 Sep 2012


Red Hazel nuts.

Both the edible Hazel ‘cobnuts’ & Red Hazel have produced a good crop of nuts this year. It’s just to see who gets there first; the local Red Squirrels or me.

26 Sep 2012

Auriculas that are blooming today

Rose Conjou

Crimson Glow



Border seedling
I's always nice to have some auriculas blooming at this time of year,

23 Sep 2012

Autumn Roses

Jens Munk
Some of the roses that are still blooming.

New Dawn

21 Sep 2012

New Bird Feeder in the ‘Goldlace’ Primula border.

I have just installed a new bird feeder in the new ‘Goldlace’ Primula border. The old one had collapsed in the spring; it could not carry the weight of a woodpecker and two jays.

20 Sep 2012

Border in the rain & it’s the cat!

This border auricula is growing in a 25cm clay pot; it will remain there the whole winter. The bottom half of the pot is filled with gravel and small stones so that it is well drained. Despite all the rain it’s still trying to bloom.

We have a badger that lives in the garden and I have been blaming it for digging in my new auricula borders, but I found it was ‘Furby’ our cat. She just loves the new light well drained soil I’ve put in for my auriculas, to use for her toilet.
The cats been here.