2 Sep 2012

A frame full of goodies for next year.

New cold frame.

One of the new cold frames is now full with over 300 new divisions/offsets that I’ve planted up this year. They are already quite moist; so I will probably not water them again until next spring when they have defrosted after the winter. The cold winter temperatures here do not present a problem for the auriculas in pots, (we have winter temperatures of between minus 15°C to 20°C, the coldest we have recorded is minus 27°C), so long as they are kept dry during the winter.

The divisions in this frame are from my own crosses i.e. Terese, Margareta, Gunilla, Birgitta,  Åke, plus many more, I always overwinter all my new divisions in the unheated cold frames to ensure they are hardy and well established, before selling them next year.
Some of the Auriculas that are blooming in September.

Crimson Glow




  1. Än är det inte dags att ta in min aurikler.Det kan bli för varmt inne på glasverandan länge till.
    Funderar på att testa att ställa några i kallbänken unde vinter.Tror du det funkar?Inte lika hög som dina.Stänger du bara locket?Eller har du tex. löv o isolerar med?Lägger du nått över bänken?
    KRAM från mig!

    1. Hej Helena
      I do not give my auriculas any special care in winter. I do not cover the cold frames or use any form of isolation, the pots of auriculas stand on gravel inside the cold frames to help keep them dry. Keeping them ventilated and dry are the main criteria. I partially shut the lids when it rains in the autumn to again help keep them dry. I keep the lids open until the first real frosts and snow come: then I shut them until next spring. Scraping any heavy snow off the top of the lids, so that they do not collapse, I’ve had 50cm to 100cm snow some years. I successfully get my auriculas; now approaching nearly 4000 in number, through the winter using this method. If you need any more advice please do contact me. Best wishes. Ray

  2. TACK snälla du!
    Jag ska testa med några stycken i kallbänken då :-)
    KRAM från mig!