28 Oct 2012

Minus 6°C; auriculas in the frost.

A frost covered Minley in the east border.
Minus 6°C today and no it’s not farina you see on the leaves but a heavy frost on the auriculas in that grow in my borders. Those that are in the cold frames & greenhouse are protected from the frost but the soil in their pots is frozen solid. My auriculas are used to these conditions and in fact cope with much worse. I have just posted a short article on Sweden’s Auricula Club blog about how I take care of my auriculas during the Swedish winter. This week I covered auriculas in pots, next week I will cover auriculas growing in borders. Click on the link to read the article.  http://swedensauriculaclub.blogspot.se/

Old Irish Green also in the east border.

Border auricula in the car park border.

Minleys in the greenhouse.

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