29 Nov 2012

HELEN: rich in colour and scent.

Ray's double HELEN
HELEN is relatively new auricula I have crossed. She has very nice scented flowers, but she requires a little extra feed when in bud & blooming to help produce those nice full double blooms.


27 Nov 2012


The snow came today; the only one that seems to enjoy it is a Bull Finch.

Now the snows here I will keep the auricula frames shut; especially as the forecast is that it will be minus 18°C this weekend.

Perhaps my auriculas have got it right, sleep all winter and wake in the spring.

24 Nov 2012

FILIPPA; bright & sunny.

Ray's Self FILIPPA
FILIPPA is a very nice bright Self auricula, with a good coating of farina. She can be seen growing here in a clay pot, which I prefer to use when displaying my auriculas.

More information on the pots I use can be found on Sweden’s Auricula Club

21 Nov 2012

BERIT; bold and upright.

Ray's Double BERIT
BERIT has those traits that I’m looking for in a Swedish Auricula. She does well in the Swedish climate and has a full truss on a strong upright stem. She also has a fine scent.

Truss = a head of pips (flower heads)
Pip = individual flower head

18 Nov 2012

IDA; dark and velvety.

Ray's Border IDA
IDA is one of my favourite dark borders; the blooms are dark and have a velvety texture. The only problem is that she produces very few offsets, so it will take some time before any are for sale. Members of Sweden’s Auricula Club will be the first to know when there are some plants for sale.

Don’t forget to check Sweden’s Auricula Club blog for advice on Auricula cultivation in Sweden.

15 Nov 2012

Preparing the ponds for winter.

Top pond
I have three ponds in my garden; all are around 1.5 metres deep, they do not bottom freeze, but for the fish and frogs to survive the long freezing winter there needs to be a whole in the ice. The ponds are normally frozen for around four months. I also remove as many leaves as I can, during the autumn, to reduce the risk of them rotting and polluting the water.
The top pond has Orfe, Goldfish and Crucian carp in it, I use a small pond heater and two Ice Hats with air pumped through them to help keep a permanent hole in the ice.
The middle pond only has Crucian carp and a number of frogs that hibernate in it, on this pond I use just two Ice Hats with air pumped through.
The bottom pond is more of a nature pond and is left to its own devises.

Middle pond

Bottom pond