12 Nov 2012

A sunny day means ventilate, ventilate, ventilate.

After all the rainy days we have had it is important to open the greenhouse and cold frames so that the auriculas can receive as much fresh air as possible. I open the greenhouse & frames whenever it is dry weather so that they can be ventilated; this helps prevent moulds and any rot forming



  1. Interesting to see your Auricula frames. Hope you will still have a few good dry days left, and of course not too cold winter.

  2. Yes I to hope your winter not to cold .

    Ray how many ariculas do you have in your collection?

  3. Hej Scotkat

    I have circa. 300 differant named varities. In my frames and greenhouse I have about 4000 auriculas in pots. I also have a few hundered in my outside garden borders. There just seems to be more & more:-)