15 Nov 2012

Preparing the ponds for winter.

Top pond
I have three ponds in my garden; all are around 1.5 metres deep, they do not bottom freeze, but for the fish and frogs to survive the long freezing winter there needs to be a whole in the ice. The ponds are normally frozen for around four months. I also remove as many leaves as I can, during the autumn, to reduce the risk of them rotting and polluting the water.
The top pond has Orfe, Goldfish and Crucian carp in it, I use a small pond heater and two Ice Hats with air pumped through them to help keep a permanent hole in the ice.
The middle pond only has Crucian carp and a number of frogs that hibernate in it, on this pond I use just two Ice Hats with air pumped through.
The bottom pond is more of a nature pond and is left to its own devises.

Middle pond

Bottom pond


  1. Spännande läsning för en som också just håvat ur löv och sagt gonatt till alla fiskarna.Här cirkulerar ytvattnet och vi håller en vak öppen hela vintern, med träklubba om det behövs.Men du, äter inte fisken opp grodynglen? Det gör nog våra. Grodorna har dött av ålder och inte har det kommit några nya :(

    1. Hej

      Yes in the top pond the orfe & goldfish do eat the tadpoles but in the middle pond which has only Crucian Carp in, they survive and have been there for many years. Perhaps because the carp are a natural fish in Sweden they have learnt to live together.
      Best regards

  2. Nice ponds, wish your fishes'll manage well.

    I send You a photo challenge: SIX SUMMER PHOTOS (or is it right to say Six photos of the Summer?). See the challenge in my blog ! Hope You'll become inspired to look at summer photos in this grey November ! And if You don't care about this kind of challenges - it's all right : )