30 Jun 2012

New Iris seedling & Horned Rampion

Iris seeedling

Some 4 or 5 years ago I planted some seeds from Iris germanica ‘Variegata’, they have begun to bloom and seem somewhat different from the parent plant, interesting looking iris!
Iris germanica 'Variegata'
Horned Rampion Phyteuma Scheuchzeri is an excellent plant for that dry area in the garden or rock garden.
Horned Rampion
Elderberry Sambcus nigra 'Black Beauty'

29 Jun 2012

Spiderwort, what a great name!!

Tradescantia andersoniana 'Blue Stone'

 I have several different varieties of Spiderwort (tradescantia andersoniana), just two are blooming at the moment. I think Spiderwort is a wonderful name for a plant; it conjures up all sorts ideas of what it might be.
Tradescantia andersoniana 'Osprey'

Clematis tangutica 'Radar Love'

Clematis integrifolia

Iris germanica 'Arpege'

28 Jun 2012

Old Man’s Whiskers

Old Man's Whiskers

Old Man’s Whiskers Geum triflorum has now gone into seed, but is still attractive.
A very dark oriental poppy

Rose - Stanwell Perpetual

Unamed Iris, I've lost the plant label!!!!!

It was late when I finished in the green house.

27 Jun 2012

‘Purple Haze’, Burning Bush & at last some Roses.

Geranium pratense 'Purple Haze'

The sun is back and some of the Canadian roses are blooming. I gave them more attention this year and it appears to have paid off. The hardy Geraniums are also finally making an effort.  
Geranium pratense striatum 'Splish Splash'

Candian rose 'Morden Cetennial'

Canadian rose 'Jens Munk'

Dictamus alba 'Purpureus' - Burning Bush

Oriental poppy 'Pizzicato'

24 Jun 2012

Auriculas & Rabbits at Hallagården, Lekhyttan. Saturday 14th July


I will have a selection of auriculas for sale at Hallgården on Saturday the 14th July 11oo to 1700.

This in conjunction with the Rabbit Exhibition being held on the same day.

You can find more information at www.hallagarden.nu

23 Jun 2012


‘Pizzicato’ is a good variety of the Oriental Poppy Papaver orientale, not only are the flower heads larger than the normal Oriental poppy but it has shorter flower stems and is therefore much stable in adverse weather conditions. It also comes in a good range of colours from white, pink shades and red/orange.  

22 Jun 2012

Showy Lady’s Slipper Orchid

The Showy Lady’s Slipper Orchid Cypripedium reginae is a native North American orchid. I have it growing in a shady border which is slightly acid (ph 6.5), it has been there for several years and each year produces more blooms. Winter temperatures down to minus 30°C have been no problem for it.