18 Dec 2013

A regular visitor

One of the regular visitors to our bird feeder is this colourful Bullfinch. /Ray

13 Nov 2013

Primulas in Bournemouth, England

I've just had a week in England and spotted these primulas blooming in Bournemouth.

18 Oct 2013

A light coating of Snow

The first flakes of snow came last night, I still have the coldframes open to keep the auriculas ventilated./Ray

13 Oct 2013

Café au Lait, the very last.

Café au Lait has produced the last bloom of my auriculas this year. It is among circa 300 of my auriculas which will over winter on the floor of the greenhouse./Ray

29 Sep 2013

Clematis serratifolia

Clematis serratifolia is good late blooming clematis with small lemon scented flowers which last until the heavy frosts come. It's a very aggressive growing clematis which I’ve found tolerates heavy pruning and still produces lots of blooms./Ray

21 Sep 2013

Flying South

The geese are leaving the fields around us and presumably flying off to somewhere warmer. I wish I could join them, I must admit I do not do well in the Swedish winter./Ray

18 Sep 2013

Woody prepares for the Winter

Our local Greater Spotted woodpeckers have been cleaning out their box ready for the winter.

10 Sep 2013

Autumn Berries




A few berries to brighten the autumn.

6 Sep 2013

Marie Crosse & Rose Conjou late bloomers

Marie Crosse

Rose Conjou
Both Marie Crosse &Rose Conjou are putting on an autumn show.

30 Aug 2013

25 Aug 2013

Emma blooming in England

Emma which has just recently been sent to Iris a member of Sweden's Auricula Club in England, is now in bloom.

21 Aug 2013

Bumble Bees enjoying the Globe Thistles

The Globe Thistles (Echinops) are coming into bloom, they are much appreciated by the Bumble Bees.

12 Aug 2013


Gunilla has just recently been divided and has now bloomed again./Ray

7 Aug 2013

Inga-Lill & Lilac Mist


Lilac Mist
Two doubles are blooming today, my own Inga-Lill and Lilac Mist.

29 Jul 2013

Tradescantia - Spiderwort

Some of the Tradescantia, also known as Spiderwort, blooming just now. /Ray

19 Jul 2013


Kristina one my late blooming doubles has bloomed today./Ray

14 Jul 2013

Natural pest control

This is one of the many frogs, toads and newts which can be found in the garden, they help keep down the many slugs and other pests. /Ray

10 Jul 2013

Cypripedium reginae - Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid

Cypripedium reginae
The Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid which grows in a moist place in the wild garden is still blooming.

26 Jun 2013


Mona is in bloom today, she is sited on a bench outside and has continued to bloom despite all the recent heavy rain./ Ray

20 Jun 2013


CoCo Mocha

Kent Pride

Primrose Yellow
Some of the Irises that are blooming today./Ray

17 Jun 2013

Sarah Lodge & Forest Lemon

Sarah Lodge

Forest Lemon
I have have many of my auriculas growing outside unprotected from the wind and rain, here are two that are happily blooming just now./Ray

13 Jun 2013

Final Tulips

The tulips have just finished blooming, the inner form is just as beautiful as the the whole bloom./Ray

Wild Tulips

10 Jun 2013

Sword & Fred Booley

Fred Booley
The two first auriculas that I obtained are in bloom today, I've had them in my collection for many years now and have taken many offsets from the first two plants. /Ray

9 Jun 2013

English & Spanish Bluebells

English Bluebells  Scilla non-scripta

Hybrid 'Spanish' Bluebells  Scilla hispanica
At last a little spring colour, my English and Spanish Bluebells have started to bloom. /Ray

2 Jun 2013

Excalibur & Sirius

Both Excalibur, (double) and Sirius, (alpine) are blooming today. /Ray

31 May 2013

Fiddlers Green in the border

Fiddlers Green is also blooming well in the border, heavy rain is not a problem for this green double./Ray

29 May 2013

Green Shank in the border

Green Shank can be seen here blooming in an open border, the farina has been spoiled by recent heavy rain, this is the disadvantage of growing fancy auriculas with farina in open borders./Ray