6 Feb 2013

Oh no, more snow!!!!

We’ve had around 30cm of heavy wet snow, I’ve been out twice now with the snow blower to try and keep our road to civilisation clear.
I must admit the novelty of snow has worn off somewhat
The car park almost clear.

My auriculas are in there somewhere!!!

The guest house.

Our snowdrops are here!!


  1. oh no! I hope it won't snow in Poland!

    1. Unfortunately, today is snowing heavily. Apparently, it was inevitable.

  2. Very familiar snowy view to me :D But we're already near spring, not much left this winter. Soon your snowdrops are peeking out !

  3. Oh no Ray yes we to have had our share of snow and my snowdrops are under still a blanket of snow.

    Your photos are beautiful would you like to share your snow photos on the snow thread of my garden forum .