29 Mar 2013

Don Carlos - Blooms for Easter

Don Carlos is another new double auricula I obtained from France.
It opened its first bloom today and has a fine scent.
You can read more about doubles on Sweden’s Auricula Club.

26 Mar 2013

It’s just not the birds we’re feeding

At dusk just after the birds have stopped feeding, we have other visitors who come to feed on the seed. Two small mice are also enjoying the seed.

23 Mar 2013

VIKTOR & HANS similar, but not the same

VIKTOR 23rd March 2013

Whilst VIKTOR & HANS have similar blooms they are different in many ways.
VIKTOR has larger pips (blooms), a more robust truss (flower head) and just a very light coating of farina.
HANS has slightly smaller booms and truss, but has a very heavy coating of farina.
You can read more about farina on Sweden’s Auricula Club.
HANS 23rd March 2013
VIKTOR 23rd March 2013
HANS 23rd March 2013

21 Mar 2013

Bullfinch rescue!!!!

Whilst checking on my auriculas in the halfway house a Bullfinch flew into the glass window, fortunately it appeared to be only stunned.
I picked him up before the cat got him and placed him on a shelf to recover; after 15 minutes he had recovered and managed to fly back to his friends.

19 Mar 2013


Ray's alpine MONA 19th March

Three of my own cultivars have started to bloom this week; MONA, an alpine and two selfs MONIKA & MÄRTA. All three have a fine scent, so in addition to some welcome colour to brighten these cold dull spring days, there is a sweet smell of perfume in the halfway room where they are kept at the moment.
They all have decided to bloom too early for the Din Trädgård garden show, so they will have to be replaced by some others.
Ray's self MONIKA 19th March
Ray's self MÄRTA 19th March
You can read more about Alpine & Self auriculas on Sweden’s Auricula Club.