16 Mar 2013

You’re too early!!!!!!! Starling

I have brought some of my mother plants into what I call a halfway house, a small light room I keep at 5°C to 12°C. This is to prepare them to bloom early, ready for ‘Din Trädgård’ Garden Show on the 19th – 21st April.
But I’ve misjudged the timing on some and they have started to bloom far too early. It’s always a bit 'hit & miss' to time it exactly as each auricula has its own particular time in which it chooses to bloom. I normally reckon to take them into the halfway house 6 to 8 weeks before the show, I take in 150 in the hope that 50 may bloom at the right time.
Starling an unusual border,decided it had had enough of the cold winter and bloomed in just 3 weeks. I will now enjoy the blooms and bring in another which hopefully will be in bloom in 5 weeks time.
You can read more about Borders auriculas on Sweden’s Auricula Club.

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