26 Jun 2013


Mona is in bloom today, she is sited on a bench outside and has continued to bloom despite all the recent heavy rain./ Ray

20 Jun 2013


CoCo Mocha

Kent Pride

Primrose Yellow
Some of the Irises that are blooming today./Ray

17 Jun 2013

Sarah Lodge & Forest Lemon

Sarah Lodge

Forest Lemon
I have have many of my auriculas growing outside unprotected from the wind and rain, here are two that are happily blooming just now./Ray

13 Jun 2013

Final Tulips

The tulips have just finished blooming, the inner form is just as beautiful as the the whole bloom./Ray

Wild Tulips

10 Jun 2013

Sword & Fred Booley

Fred Booley
The two first auriculas that I obtained are in bloom today, I've had them in my collection for many years now and have taken many offsets from the first two plants. /Ray

9 Jun 2013

English & Spanish Bluebells

English Bluebells  Scilla non-scripta

Hybrid 'Spanish' Bluebells  Scilla hispanica
At last a little spring colour, my English and Spanish Bluebells have started to bloom. /Ray

2 Jun 2013

Excalibur & Sirius

Both Excalibur, (double) and Sirius, (alpine) are blooming today. /Ray