29 Sep 2013

Clematis serratifolia

Clematis serratifolia is good late blooming clematis with small lemon scented flowers which last until the heavy frosts come. It's a very aggressive growing clematis which I’ve found tolerates heavy pruning and still produces lots of blooms./Ray

21 Sep 2013

Flying South

The geese are leaving the fields around us and presumably flying off to somewhere warmer. I wish I could join them, I must admit I do not do well in the Swedish winter./Ray

18 Sep 2013

Woody prepares for the Winter

Our local Greater Spotted woodpeckers have been cleaning out their box ready for the winter.

10 Sep 2013

Autumn Berries




A few berries to brighten the autumn.

6 Sep 2013

Marie Crosse & Rose Conjou late bloomers

Marie Crosse

Rose Conjou
Both Marie Crosse &Rose Conjou are putting on an autumn show.