30 Jan 2013

Doyen a reliable Red Double

Doyen is reliable red double auricula which has proved hardy here in Sweden. It was raised by Gwen Baker in 1982.
The word doyen is derived from the French word for Dean, either a Dean at a university or a religious Dean
You can read more about Double auriculas on Sweden’s Auricula Club.

26 Jan 2013

Dales Red, a hardy border auricula.

Dales Red

Dales Red is very hardy border auricula which does well in Sweden. It was raised by Dale Worthington in 1954. I have used it as a parent plant when raising some of my own auricula cultivars.
You can read more about Border auriculas on Sweden’s Auricula Club.
Dale Red

23 Jan 2013

King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table.


I have three auriculas in my collection which are named around the saga of King Arthur.
Camelot:- raised by Ken Gould in 1967
Excalibur :- raised by Les Allen in 1988
Merlin :- raised by Allan Hawkes in 1990


20 Jan 2013

Open pollinated seedlings.

Open pollinated seedling.
These are two of the seedlings which came from open pollinated seeds gathered in 2010, bloomed for the first time in 2012. You never know what you are going to get when auricula seeds are open pollinated, the results are very seldom worth naming, but can make an interesting addition to your collection as an oddity. Most of mine end up being planted out in my auricula borders.
I must admit I no longer sow very many open pollinated seeds but concentrate on doing specific crosses. In this way I can choose two parents that hopefully will give me the desired result I’m looking for. 

You can read more about ‘Raising Auriculas from seeds’ on Sweden’s Auricula Club.
An odd result from open pollinated seed.

17 Jan 2013


Beatrice is a light centred alpine auricula which was raised by James Douglas in 1914. This is another alpine auricula I obtained from England which does well in Sweden, but is slow to produce offsets.

You can read more about Alpine auriculas and winter care of auriculas on Sweden’s Auricula Club.