27 Nov 2014

Blooming today

Lord Saye en Sele
A few off my auriculas are still blooming this late in the year.


23 Nov 2014


The paste that makes the ring in the centre of the auriculas bloom is beautiful to see close up.
Green Isle

3 Nov 2014

Blooming today

Don Carlos
With the continuing mild weather many of my auriculas are still blooming.
Lord Saye en Sele


Pinkie Dawn

26 Oct 2014

Don Carlos,blooming today

Don Carlos is blooming today, as you can see I'm now using black T labels for all my mother plants.

20 Oct 2014

Lord Saye en Sele

Lord Saye en Sele is blooming today; it was raised by Allan Hawkes in 1987.

18 Oct 2014

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes a new auricula in my collection is blooming today.

21 Sep 2014

Blooming today

Three of my auriculas that are blooming today.

Old England

13 Sep 2014

Auriculas in bloom today

 Some of my auriculas are putting on an autumn show, the autumn blooms are rarely of the same quality as the spring ones.


9 Sep 2014

Flowering in the new border

One of the border auriculas growing in a recently refurbished auricula border is now flowering, not the most colourful of border auriculas, but a welcome bit of autumn colour.

1 Sep 2014

Cup plant, bamboo & Zebra grass.

I have quite a few cup plants (Silphium perfoliatum) in the garden, this is a very tall late flowering plant from North America. It has square stems which hold water at the leaf joints; hence it's name. It has enjoyed all the rain we've had lately as have the bamboos and Miscanthus grasses.
Water in the cup.
2.5 metre cup plant and bamboo.
 Zebra grass, (Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus')

27 Aug 2014

A sign of old age!!!!

I'm not as sprightly nowadays and now need the aid of a garden knee stall when kneeling down; otherwise I would never get up again!! I find this simple aid a great help. /Ray

22 Aug 2014

Zilga Grapes

Zilga a grape that is growing in the greenhouse has produced it's normal large harvest of grapes; it produces from 30 kgs to 50 kgs of grapes each year.

20 Aug 2014

Apples from a seed

Some years ago my eldest son planted an apple seed, it has now grown into a nearly 3 metre tree and for the first time has a good crop of apples; it will be interesting to see how they taste.

11 Aug 2014

Great Green Bush Cricket & Day Lilies

Tettigonia viridissima
Found a Great Green Bush Cricket, better known here in Sweden as the Grön vårtbitare (green wart biter) as apparently they have been used here to bite away warts. They are both carnivorous and arboreal, with their main diet being of flies, caterpillars and larvae; so hopefully they do some good in the garden. If not at least they have a pleasant chirping sound which makes the garden sound more tropical. Some of my larger Day Lilies are also blooming now.

7 Aug 2014

All mother plants are now divided.

I've now divided all my mother plants and now have over 2000 new divisions which I've planted up. The majority have already started to develop a good root system.

3 Aug 2014

Day Lilies

Some of my Day Lilies have now started to bloom, they only last a day, but they just keep on producing more and more blooms; a beautiful display.

26 Jul 2014

Rhyssa persuasoria - Parasitic wasp

Some solitary bees have been laying eggs in the holes of some shelving units in the conservatory; they then seal the hole. But this does not protect them from a parasitic wasp from finding them; drilling a hole and laying her own eggs on the developing grubs. Nature can be fascinating to watch.

11 Jul 2014

Redhot Pokers

The first of my Redhot pokers have just started to bloom; they do rather well in one of my dryer south facing borders. I planted them over 10 years ago and they were mostly a strong red colour, but now thy have self seeded into more orange and yellows./Ray