29 Apr 2014

27 Apr 2014

Wedgewood & Harlow Car. 2 x Primula pubescens

Primula pubescens - Wedgewood -
I exchanged auriculas with a collector in Germany a couple of years ago, among those that I received in return were two Primula pubescens and they are now blooming for the first time for me.
Exchanging auriculas is a good way of adding to your collection, if anyone wishes to exchange with me, please contact me /Ray
Primula pubescens - Harlow Car -

25 Apr 2014

Auriculas now available

 A selection of Auriculas are now available from Ray's Perennials
These are some of my auriculas that are blooming today./Ray
Lord Saye en Sele

Green Shank
Trafalgar Square

20 Apr 2014

Hans,a bit grey on the edges

Hans, a grey edge fancy is on the way to bloom, it has a good coating of farina and a jagged edge to his leaves.

19 Apr 2014

A friend in the cold frame

A toad has made it's winter home in one of my auricula cold frames, he is very welcome there and I try not to disturb him to much. You can see that he has dug himself into the gravel that I put into the cold frames so that my auriculas in pots are well drained when placed in the cold frames for the winter.

18 Apr 2014

Primula Hirsuta

Primula Hirsuta
My Primula hirsuta are now in bloom; it is reportedly one of parents of the modern Auriculas, when it crossed with the wild Primula Auricula. I’m still waiting for my wild Primula auriculas to bloom. /Ray

11 Apr 2014

Xmas Roses

Some of the self sown Christmas Roses are now blooming, a few of them are doubles./Ray

7 Apr 2014

Scilla & Borders

In one of my older more established auricula borders or perhaps I should more correctly say negleted, the scillas have now spread into it, adding a little early spring colour./ Ray

4 Apr 2014

The badgers been busy

Our local badger has been visiting the auricula borders again in search of worms and other insects. The light auricula soil makes it ideal hunting ground for the badgers. Although I must admit I'm getting tired of constanly replanting my auriculas. The chicken wire did not help this year as they have now learnt to go under it. The good thing is that they do little damage to the auriculas. /Ray