30 May 2014

Golden Hind seedlings

Golden Hind
Here are two seedlings grown from seeds taken from Golden Hind. /Ray
Seedling  No.63

Seedling No.64

27 May 2014

A French Connection

Lilac Mist 2014
These five doubles come from a French grower; all do well here, but like most doubles they need a liittle extra feed in the spring to perform at their best. Tregor Orange in particular has a tendancy to be single if not given a bit more nourishment./Ray
Asbeau 2014

Cafe au Lait 2014

Don Carlos 2014

Tregor Orange 2013

Tregor Orange 2014

25 May 2014

A stark contrast

I particulary like the stark contrast of the dark pips against the heavy coating of farina on the leaves of this border seedling No.56. It is not farina on the petals; but pollen, everything is now covered in this light yellow powder. /Ray

23 May 2014

A Red Border

Seedling 68
Border seedling 68 is very similar to the border Dales Red.
Dales Red

21 May 2014

Louisa Woolhead seedlings

Louisa Woolhead 19th May
Below are some pictures of seedlings raised from seeds taken from Louisa Woolhead, they are all very similar but just slightly different. /Ray
Seedling LW1 19th May
Seedling LW2 19th May
Seedling LW3 19th May
Seedling LW4 19th May

18 May 2014

A bright little seedling

Seedling 54
This is a seedling from a Ancient Society x Lee Paul cross, it looks quite promising; this is the first year it has bloomed so I will keep an eye on it for the next couple of years to see how it does./Ray

17 May 2014

Petra, my best alpine yet.

Petra a gold centred alpine
Petra is one of my best Alpine crosses, she has a very strong colour when fully opened with a good gold centre and stands out on my auricula theatre. I've now moved some of my mother plants onto the theatre/Ray

Asbeau on the left, Petra centre, Lupy Minstral to the right.
Some of my mother plants on my theatre.

15 May 2014

Slow Worm 'Kopparorm' a not so slow friend

I found this delightful slow worm among my auriculas, I welcome useful little friends like these. /Ray

13 May 2014


Katarina is one of the first double crosses that I made, she has rich dark red to almost black pips (flowerheads) which have a light coating of farina, the leaves are also well coated with farina.
She has proved to be a reliable hardy double. /Ray

9 May 2014

A Grey Edge Seedling

One of my grey edge seedlings has now started to bloom; it was made by crossing Matilda with Jorvic. The pips are the same size as Matilda’s, but the leaves are a lot smaller, similar to Jorvic’s. The plant itself is also rather compact; I will see how it progresses.

8 May 2014

A Dark Border Seedling

Seedling No.50
Seedling No.50 is a dark border that has now bloomed for the second year. It came from the same batch of seeds which produced seedlings No.1 & No.6.
Seedling No.1
Seedling No.6

6 May 2014

Lord Saye en Sele, better with age

Lord Saye en Sele - 6 May
 Lord Saye en Sele is one of those auriculas that I feel whose blooms improve with age, this is the same plant photgraphed first on 22 April and secondly on the 6 May. The red/orange stripes become more apparent.
Lord Saye en Sele - 22 April

4 May 2014

Kusum Krishna

Kusum krishna is another P. pubescens which obtained by exchanging with Göran of Sweden's Auricula Club.

1 May 2014


Ida one of my dark borders has started to bloom today, sha has a  large 'truss' and 'pips' ( flower head & blooms) with a very nice scent. The only problem is that she produces almost no offsets and it will be some time before I have any to exchange or sell./Ray
Ida blooming in 2012