4 Jun 2014

Trädgård with Bergius, Katrineholm Kurinen

Viktor, one my auriculas mentioned in the article.
I had a very pleasant visit from Carina Bergius & Stina Järperud from Katrineholm's Kurinen, it was a pleasure to show my auricula collection to them. A slide show and short video can be seen on the following links
It's always enjoyable to chat about and show my auriculas to others.
I of course could not let them come all that way without going home with an auricula, Carina took home a 'Carina' of course and Stina  a 'Konstig'. Hopefully this will be the start to thier own auricula collections /Ray


Starling, the auricula I can be seen dividing on the video.


  1. Jag tittade direkt jag fick höra att du var med :)
    O tidningen får vi ju eftersom vi prenumererar har du fått den? Annars kan jag skicka säg till bara.
    KRAM från mig!
    ps. hos var de ju i måndags såklart blirre lite aurikler med eftersom det inte sänd förrän nästa år.

  2. Thank you Helena
    A copy of the Newspaper would be very welcome.
    Look forward to seeing your garden on there next year.
    Best wishes

  3. Okej då fixar jag det :)
    KRAM från mig!