26 Jul 2014

Rhyssa persuasoria - Parasitic wasp

Some solitary bees have been laying eggs in the holes of some shelving units in the conservatory; they then seal the hole. But this does not protect them from a parasitic wasp from finding them; drilling a hole and laying her own eggs on the developing grubs. Nature can be fascinating to watch.

11 Jul 2014

Redhot Pokers

The first of my Redhot pokers have just started to bloom; they do rather well in one of my dryer south facing borders. I planted them over 10 years ago and they were mostly a strong red colour, but now thy have self seeded into more orange and yellows./Ray

7 Jul 2014


My Showy Lady's Slipper orchid is still blooming in a shady part of the garden. Also found a D. maculata orchid blooming in the local forest. It's nice to see a few of these wild orchids still around.

5 Jul 2014


The roses in my garden have bloomed well this year despite my neglet of them, thier scent is delightful as I walk through the garden to tend to my auriculas./Ray