27 Aug 2014

A sign of old age!!!!

I'm not as sprightly nowadays and now need the aid of a garden knee stall when kneeling down; otherwise I would never get up again!! I find this simple aid a great help. /Ray

22 Aug 2014

Zilga Grapes

Zilga a grape that is growing in the greenhouse has produced it's normal large harvest of grapes; it produces from 30 kgs to 50 kgs of grapes each year.

20 Aug 2014

Apples from a seed

Some years ago my eldest son planted an apple seed, it has now grown into a nearly 3 metre tree and for the first time has a good crop of apples; it will be interesting to see how they taste.

11 Aug 2014

Great Green Bush Cricket & Day Lilies

Tettigonia viridissima
Found a Great Green Bush Cricket, better known here in Sweden as the Grön vårtbitare (green wart biter) as apparently they have been used here to bite away warts. They are both carnivorous and arboreal, with their main diet being of flies, caterpillars and larvae; so hopefully they do some good in the garden. If not at least they have a pleasant chirping sound which makes the garden sound more tropical. Some of my larger Day Lilies are also blooming now.

7 Aug 2014

All mother plants are now divided.

I've now divided all my mother plants and now have over 2000 new divisions which I've planted up. The majority have already started to develop a good root system.

3 Aug 2014

Day Lilies

Some of my Day Lilies have now started to bloom, they only last a day, but they just keep on producing more and more blooms; a beautiful display.