21 Sep 2014

Blooming today

Three of my auriculas that are blooming today.

Old England

13 Sep 2014

Auriculas in bloom today

 Some of my auriculas are putting on an autumn show, the autumn blooms are rarely of the same quality as the spring ones.


9 Sep 2014

Flowering in the new border

One of the border auriculas growing in a recently refurbished auricula border is now flowering, not the most colourful of border auriculas, but a welcome bit of autumn colour.

1 Sep 2014

Cup plant, bamboo & Zebra grass.

I have quite a few cup plants (Silphium perfoliatum) in the garden, this is a very tall late flowering plant from North America. It has square stems which hold water at the leaf joints; hence it's name. It has enjoyed all the rain we've had lately as have the bamboos and Miscanthus grasses.
Water in the cup.
2.5 metre cup plant and bamboo.
 Zebra grass, (Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus')