28 Jun 2014


Foxglove & Gillenia trifoliata
We have a very good display of Foxgloves this year, these biannuals pop up all over the garden.

20 Jun 2014

A tired parent

A pair of Blue Tits have been working hard to feed their offspring, this particular parent is looking a bit ragged with the effort of feeding the ever demanding young. Swedish 'Hönökaka' has proved very popular with this young one.

18 Jun 2014

Irises' in full bloom

Pride of Kent
Some of my collection of Irises' have now come into full bloom, they make a good display at this time of year.

12 Jun 2014

Grasshopper Warbler ?

I have a small bird nesting just above my head in the greenhouse. I'm there almost every day now dividing my auriculas that have bloomed over. I believe it is a pair of Grasshopper Warblers, that have built thier nest in the grapevine that grows in the greenhouse and seem quite happy to sit there whilst I work.

4 Jun 2014

Trädgård with Bergius, Katrineholm Kurinen

Viktor, one my auriculas mentioned in the article.
I had a very pleasant visit from Carina Bergius & Stina Järperud from Katrineholm's Kurinen, it was a pleasure to show my auricula collection to them. A slide show and short video can be seen on the following links
It's always enjoyable to chat about and show my auriculas to others.
I of course could not let them come all that way without going home with an auricula, Carina took home a 'Carina' of course and Stina  a 'Konstig'. Hopefully this will be the start to thier own auricula collections /Ray


Starling, the auricula I can be seen dividing on the video.

2 Jun 2014

Blooming today

Here are just a few of my auriculas that are blooming today. /Ray


Crimson Glow

Don Carlos


Forest Burgandy

Forest Lemmon