28 Feb 2015

An unwelcome visitor

We had a hunting dog running around in our garden today upsetting our 17 year old cat and trying to eat the fat balls from the bird feeder. No sign of the hunters, which is perhaps just as well as I do not fancy being shot in my own garden!!!

26 Feb 2015

Osbourne Green

This Osbourne Green, a border auricula, is growing in a concrete pipe and has just revealed itself after being covered in snow.
Osbourne Green

24 Feb 2015

22 Feb 2015

A hole in the ice

I have three ponds in the garden, the two pictured above are my nature ponds, the nearest pond does have some Crucian carp in it, which is why I use a 'Ice Hat' through which I pump air to help keep a hole in the ice.
The formal pond does contain some Goldfish, Blue Orfe and some Carp. I use a 'Ice Hat' and a small pond heater to keep a hole in the ice.

8 Feb 2015

A little snow

A little snow in the garden and on the auricula theatre, around 50cm. It took a while to clear our road and car park area with the snow blower.