30 Mar 2015

Anna in the snow

Anna one of my own green edged fancies is always one of the first to come into bloom. She is very hardy and has a very strong scent. 
I've been cleaning and checking my auriculas which I will have for sale later in April, the snow has delayed things a little, but I should have around 150 different named varities of auriculas for sale by the middle of April.
Auriculas cleaned and checked

25 Mar 2015


Berit is one of the first of my auriculas to start blooming today.

21 Mar 2015

The snow returns

Greenhouse & cold frames.
The snow and colder temperatures returned today, I do not think I will be having coffee on the patio today.

Border auriculas

17 Mar 2015

Whooper Swans (sångsvanarna) at Tysslingen, Närke

As it was a bit warmer today I took a trip to Tysslingen, which is nearby, to view the Whooper Swans there. They had counted some 3263 swans there today; Tysslingen is a resting place for the swans before they continue their journey north.

14 Mar 2015

Double Snowdrops and Roe Deer

The Double Snowdrops are now in bloom, they are fortunately not of interest to the Roe Deer that frequently visit the garden.

11 Mar 2015

Winter Anconites & Crocus

The last few days have been rather mild and the Winter Anconites and Crocus have finally come into bloom.

7 Mar 2015


I do like auriculas which have farina on their leaves, it makes them attractive even when not in bloom.