1 May 2015

'Gunnel', yellow self named after Gunnel Carlson

This yellow self is named after Gunnel Carlson, a known Swedish Garden Journalist and Author.
She also presented the Swedish Television programme The Green Room and can be seen more recently on Swedish Televisons programme 'Go’ kväll'. She gives inspiration to many Swedish gardeners.
This Yellow Self is very hardy and does particularly well in the harsh Swedish climate; she has good golden yellow petals, an even ring of paste and good farina on the leaves. It was raised in 2012 and has been trialled for the past two years to test for hardiness and reliability here in the Swedish climate.
Gunnel is now the owner of two Gunnels and one can be seen below in Gunnel’s auricula collection.
  (the one with farina)
Picture taken by Gunnel Carlson of her auriculas.
(Copyright Gunnel Carlson)
 More information on Gunnel Carlson can be found on the following link
Farina on Gunnel's leaves.

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