24 Oct 2017

13 Jun 2017

13 May 2017

Blooming Today

Fancy Flight, Loop the Loop & Variagata
Foggy Dew
Holland Iris
Iris Sibirica

24 Apr 2017

Byting, a colour changer

Byting is a border that changes from
 brown/yellow to voilet/lilac as the blooms age.

7 Apr 2017

Auriculas, Moon Fairy, Bernadette, Robin Hood, Melanie & Iris Kick Knack

Moon Fairy 

Moon Fairy
More auriculas blooming in Salisbury.
Some more of Iris's auriculas are for sale on Ebay this week.
Anna, a liitle rain damaged

Bernadertte, border.

Melanie, double

Robin Hood, stripe

Border, seedling

Dwarf Iris, Knick Knack

30 Mar 2017

Sophia, Robin Hood, Country Park Red, Seedlings & more blooming in Salisbury

Sophia, stripe raised in Sweden.
More of Iris's auriculas blooming in her lovely small garden in Salisbury. You only need a small space to keep a good collection of auriculas.
Robin Hood, stripe.

Country Park Red, large flowering border.
Drakeld, fancy raised in Sweden

Magnus, fancy raised in Sweden.
Border, seedling

Border, seedling

Border, seedling.